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   I read this. The above measurements were taken ONLY by a professional tailor, men's clothing store or a formalwear specialist. And those measurements are accurate. If your weight changes more than 15 lbs, measurements are allowed to be updated 3 weeks before the event with no extra charge. We cannot be held responsible for measurements not performed in our store. We will do everything possible to make any necessary corrections. However, special freight charges will apply.

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Please obtain the total price of the rental package and accessories from the bride or groom.

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Please obtain the total price of Tuxedo rentals from the groom or bride.

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ORDERS ARE NOT COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE. System will discard any unpaid orders after 2 business days. After that you need to resubmit your order again.

By typing your name in the box below, I agree to pay the above total percentage amount according to card issuer agreement. All Sales are Final. No refunds or exchange. No exception. I understantd that, all rental items are ONE-DAY rentals, must be returned the very next day of event (unless I pay for 7-day rental).  I understand that the others are allowed to return for me. I agree to the rental agreement, if any items are returned late or missing, I agree to pay the late fee and missing item fees according to card issuer agreement.

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