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I would like to choose my own size based on my measurements provided below and from the manufacturers' size chart. Click here for manufacturer size chart. If you any questions, please call 817-987-6603 to reach a consultant before you submit your order.
Guide Measurements (Inches) Remark
1. Bust At fullest part
2. Waist  * Smallest part of waist
(1'-2" above navel)
3. Hips

At fullest part

(7”-9” below waist)

4. Length   Hollow of neck to floor with shoes
 6.   Shoulder to Shoulder
PLEASE NOTE: If you are taller than 5'-8" you may need order extra length. Please put "L" after the size for ordering extra length.

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For bridesmaid party, if brides already set up style/color in our system, you can skip and go to next.
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Bridesmaids: Please obtain the total price of the dress or accessories from the bride.

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I read this. I understand Bridal/Bridesmaid manufacturers DO NOT offer standard sizing. Most bridal/bridesmaid dresses run smaller than normal clothes. My measurements are used along with a size chart to help determine the best size for me. Dresses are not made to my measurements and in most cased, additional alteration will be required. Alterations are extra. Bridal Designs may SUGGEST sizes base on understanding that you have been professionally measured and those measurements are accurate. Bridal Designs is not responsible for your size. The size chosen is your decision.

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